• Elaborate Photography of rotting Food

    Klaus schreibt mir: ?Du hattest vor einiger Zeit mal ein Feature meiner Serie mit Bildern aus dem Museumskeller auf Nerdcore, seit gestern habe ich nun meine neue Serie fertig. Darin geht es um Nahrungsmittelverschwendung.? Dazu hat er Speisen verrotten lassen, in klassischen Stilleben fotografiert und dazu Infos zu Produktionsstandorten, Preis, Transport oder Carbon Footprint gepostet. Sehr schöne Idee!

    Oben passend zur Saison yummy Erdbeeren und ne Wassermelone, hier noch ein paar Eier:

    The pictures of the series ?One Third? show food which is no longer edible, at various stages of decay. The products used for this study were once tasty items of food, for sale in supermarkets after being transported there from various parts of the world. ?One Third? exceeds the sell by date in order to document the full dimensions of global food waste.

    The title of the series- ?One Third?- refers to this particular percentage of food products which, according to a study by the FAO, goes to waste worldwide. Food products come with their own individual history and are produced in different ways in different parts of the world. They only have one thing in common: They are thrown away.

    One Third (Danke Klaus!)

  • Kid Zoom destroys some Cars

    Vimeo Direktzoom, via Juxtapoz

    Ian ‘Kid Zoom’ Strange hat für eine Installation im Herbst letzten Jahres sein Elternhaus als Model im Maßstab 1:1 in einer Halle nachgebaut. Dann hat er drei Autos davorgestellt und abgefackelt, das Video dazu hat er jetzt vor ein paar Tagen online gestellt. Metaphorische Selbstzerstörungskunst, oder so ähnlich. Faszinierend!

  • Jörg Brüggemanns Metalheads

    Vimeo Direktheads, via Swen

    Metalheads ist ein neues Buch aus dem Gestalten Verlag über die Fotografie von Jörg Brüggemann, die die globale Metalszene fotografiert hat und dafür nach Argentinien, Brasilien, Deutschland, Indonesien, Ägypten und die USA gereist ist. Auf der Website der Gestalten zum Buch gibt’s ein paar sehr schöne Previews aus dem Buch, ein paar mehr Bilder gibt’s auf Brüggemanns Seite. Derzeit läuft auch eine Ausstellung zum Buch im Gestalten Space, die Website dazu ist aber grade down.

    Heavy metal is a cultural phenomenon that unites its fans across borders, generations, genders, religions, and social classes. Photographer Jörg Brüggemann traveled to Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland and the USA to shoot pictures of heavy metal fans for his Gestalten-published Metalheads:The Global Brotherhood. He told us all about the globalization of heavy metal, the fine line between being a fan and keeping the distance and headbanging women in Egypt.

    This latest will surely work up your appetite for our forthcoming exhibition at Gestalten Space. Accompanying the release of the book and featuring a live performance by SUN WORSHIP (black metal from Berlin) with Jörg Brüggemann in attendance, the show presents vivid images that capture the lives and passion of heavy metal fans from around the world.

    Amazon-Partnerlink: Metalheads: The Global Brotherhood

  • Human skull carved into old software manuals

    Schöne neue Arbeit von Maskull Lasserre, dessen Totenschädel- und Knochenschnitzereien vor rund einem Jahr bereits mal rumgingen. Jetzt schnitzt er einen Schädel in alte Software-Anleitungen. Sweet! (via Colossal)

  • Training Geese for a Trip to the Moon

    Vimeo Direktmoongeese

    Agnes Meyer-Brandis entwickelt grade ein Kunstprojekt, basierend auf dem 1638er Buch ?The Man in the Moone” von Francis Godwin, in dem der Held mit nem Wagen zum Mond fliegt, vor den Mondgänse gespannt sind. Dazu zieht sie elf Gänse groß, denen sie Namen von Astronauten gegeben hat, die sie als ihre ?Gänsemutter? akzeptieren und denen sie das Fliegen beibringt. Die Vögel leben auf einer simulierten Mondbasis in Italien und lernen Morsecode für Interspecies-Kommunikation, 2024 sollen sie zum ersten mal unbemannt auf den Mond fliegen, drei Jahre später will Agnes mitfliegen. Aber ich glaube, den letzten Teil des Projekts hat die Dame nur erfunden.

    Hier die Website zum Projekt, mehr Infos gibt’s auf We Make Money Not Art:

    Meyer-Brandis’ scientific experiment is inspired by The Man in the Moone, a story written in the early 17th century by English bishop Francis Godwin, a believer in the Copernican heliocentric system and of the latest theories in magnetism and astronomy. The book tells how Domingo Gonsales flies to the moon and gets to meet an advanced lunar civilization. The adventurer managed to escape the ‘magnetic attraction of the earth’ by harnessing a flock of birds called gansas, specifically trained for the purpose. Some critics regard the story as the first work of science fiction in English.

    Since it has become so difficult to locate moon geese, Meyer-Brandis breeds her own moon geese. She acquired the eggs last April, named each of them after an astronaut, placed them in an incubator, watched over them, witnessed the hatching and imprinted herself on to them as their stand-in mother, just like Konrad Lorenz did with greylag geese.

    The surrogate mother had to spend the weeks following the hatching in close contact with the eleven geese. The astronaut training started almost immediately, the young birds were encouraged to walk in a V-shape –the formation used to tow Godwin’s chariot– taken on expeditions into the mountains for high altitude training, taught how to use morse code devices for improved interspecies communication, and given lectures about astronomy and navigation.

    The Moon Goose Analogue: Lunar Migration Bird Facility

  • Ant-Queen gets eaten alive during Gangbang

    Youtube Direktqueen, via Marco

    Eine Ameisenköniging wird während ihres Hochzeitsflugs von einer Spinne gefressen. Und in Indonesien haben sie eine neue Gattung riesiger Wespen gefunden, die circa 6 Zentimeter lang werden und gigantische Unterkiefer haben. Auch hübsch!

    A new species of wasp discovered on the Indonesian island Sulawesi is two-and-a-half inches long, and has jaws so vast that its discoverer admits, ‘I don’t know how it can walk.’
    Lynn Kimsey, professor of entomology at the University of California, Davis, says ?Its jaws are so large that they wrap up either side of the head when closed. When the jaws are open they are actually longer than the male?s front legs.’

    ‘King of Wasps’ found in Indonesia: Two-and-a-half inch monster has jaws longer than its legs (via Reddit)

  • Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin

    50 Watts hat Scans der großartigen Illustrationen von Henry Louis Stephens aus dem 1865er Kinderbuch ?Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin?, das auf ‘nem Gedicht aus dem 18. Jahrhundert basiert. Und wo wir grade bei alten Büchern sind: Das Blog recto|verso des Antiquariats F.A. Bernett Books (via MeFi) sammelt sammelt obskure Magazine und Bücher, unter anderem gibt’s dort Scans von Anarchy. A Journal of Anarchist Ideas. und Damage: An Inventory, ?the magazine that?s not for everybody.? Letztere haben 1980 ‘ne größere Rolle im Wohlkampf von Jello Biafra gespielt, der sich damals als Kandidat für den Bürgermeisterposten von San Francisco aufstellen ließ.

    Notably, during the 1980 election cycle in San Francisco, Jello Biafra (lead singer of the Dead Kennedys) registered as a candidate and actively ran for Mayor of San Francisco. Lapin, Coyote, and staff writer Tony Rocco took part in the effort to promote his candidacy as a popular media spectacle and satire of corrupt local politics.

  • Movies as Code

    Schöne Blogidee von Ben Howdle: Movies as Code (via Daniel). Hier Monty Pythons Flying Circus:

    Random now = new Random( completelyDifferent );

    The Shining:

    <?php echo strrev('murder'); ?>

    Und die unendliche Geschichte:

    function story(){

  • Pics from a Chinese gangsters phone

    Pics from a Chinese gangsters phone (via MeFi)

    [update] ABC hat ein paar Details und Infos zu den Bildern: Viral Pics Show Chinese ?Gangsta? Fondling Porsches, Puppies and Purse (via Boing Boing).

    It is not immediately known who this individual is, but there are some clues. He poses with two Porsches registered in two different cities: a Porsche Carrera with port city Tianjin plates and a Porsche Cayenne SUV with Beijing plates.

    Of the two cars it seems like he has more clout in Tianjin, evident by the quadruple 8888 on his plates. Numerology figures in very prominently in Chinese culture and 8, being a homonym for ?good fortune? in most Chinese dialects, is an especially auspicious number. All 8 license plates are usually reserved for the especially privileged whether by power, fortune or connections. So whoever this puppy-loving, murse carrying thug is, he or someone he knows or works for was able to put down a lot of money for those plates.

  • Candy Candy

    Rutube Direktcandy

    And don’t get me started how many hours of my Life I wasted to share this part of japanese Culture. (Dit Ding lädt superlahm, das tut mir leid. Aber 1.) Dieses Video ist im kompletten westlichen Kulturkreis gesperrt (und wenn Ihr ne funktionierende Kopie habt, her damit? ne lokale Kopie hab ich, aber ein besserer Video-Player wäre nett) und 2.) zweitens.)

  • Have a Break, have a Mars Burger.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Verhoeven and a mutant on the set of “Total Recall”, 1990

  • Youtube Direkttits

    Watch this and let it grow. My name is and anyone, who knows what love is. I love gold and I’m gone. You can do this yourself. Kiss ;-*

  • Minecraft Scientific/Graphing Calculator

    Youtube Direktcalc

    Nerds, they are the shit, man!

    Specs: 6 digit addition and subtraction, 3 digit multiplication, division and trigonometric/scientific functions. (The reason these are only 3 digits is because multiplication and division would take a long time to decode/complete/encode. Also, the fraction display is hard enough to build for 3 digits, let alone 6 – 6 digit RAM would not only be massive, but a bit pointless since the curves follow the same pattern surrounding the peaks.). Graphing y=mx+c functions, quadratic functions, and equation solving of the form mx+c=0.

    The screen and keypad were always meant to be the main feature of this machine. The main display boasts 25 digits. Square root signs are displayed and can change to accommodate any number of digits. Square root signs, add, minus, multiply and divide signs are displayed at appropriate times, and there is a full fraction display. The 7-segments for the fractions are the smallest possible, being only 3 wide, and stackable vertically and horizontally.

  • Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses
  • Robot Head Shave

    Youtube Direktrobots, via IEEE

    Ein junger Mann lässt sich von einem Multi-Arm Unmanned Ground Vehicle den Kopf für ‘nen guten Zweck rasieren: ?The Multi-Arm UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) demonstrates its dexterity by shaving a volunteer’s head to raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a charity committed in funding research for finding a cure for childhood cancer.?

  • Sensations from Solar Particles on your Retina in Space

    Ein frisch auf der Erde eingetroffener Astronaut, der die letzten paar Monate im Weltall verbracht hat, beantwortet grade ein paar Fragen auf Reddit. Die meisten Antworten kannte ich, das hier aber nicht:

    I read that when you’re in space and close your eyes, you experience solar particles hitting your retinas as speckles of light. Was this the case, or was the experience different for you? ? Yes I did experience that. Sometimes it was a flash and at other times it was a streak of light. I’m sure it happens all the time but I only noticed it as I was getting ready to fall asleep

    Also: ?Is there any astronaut food that tastes good? ? Lasagna.?

    IAmA NASA Astronaut that recently returned to Earth after a 1/2 year in space. I’m brand new to reddit (like hours ago) AMA

  • Artificial Intelligence Journalism

    Constanze Kurz vom CCC schrieb neulich in der FAZ eine schöne Glosse zum unsäglichen Leistungsschutzrecht (via Fefe), das Ding ist sowas wie dystopische Copyright-Science-Fiction um deutsche Gesetzgebung und Journalismus. Darin erwähnte sie die ?Free News?, eine User-Generated Nachrichtenagentur, die unter anderem mit einer ?gut funktionierende[n] Übersetzungssoftware [?] ausländische Zeitungs- und Twittermeldungen automatisiert ins Deutsche? überträgt. Nun, Constanzes Science Fiction wurde bereits von der Realität eingeholt.

    Forbes setzt heute schon den Service von Narrative Science ein, das ist eine Firma, die aus ein paar Daten per künstlicher Intelligenz erstaunlich gute Artikel schreibt.

    Forbes?one of financial journalism?s most venerable institutions?now employs a company called Narrative Science to automatically generate online articles about what to expect from upcoming corporate earnings statements. Just feed it some statistics and, within seconds, the clever software produces highly readable stories. Or, as Forbes puts it, ?Narrative Science, through its proprietary artificial intelligence platform, transforms data into stories and insights.?

    Don’t miss the irony here: Automated platforms are now ?writing? news reports about companies that make their money from automated trading. These reports are eventually fed back into the financial system, helping the algorithms to spot even more lucrative deals. Essentially, this is journalism done by robots and for robots.

    Dear Copyright-Lovers, you just got fucked by technology, again.

    A Robot Stole My Pulitzer! ? How automated journalism and loss of reading privacy may hurt civil discourse. (via The Verge)

  • How To fix a broken SLR Lens Hood with Peanut Butter

    Youtube Direktpeanuts, via There I fixed it

    Casey Neistat repariert seine kaputte Sonnenblende mit (dem Deckel von) Erdnussbutter.

  • DJ Foods Kraftwerk-Month

    DJ Food postet anlässlich der Kraftwerk-Gigs im MoMA in New York (wo sie an acht Abenden alle Alben komplett spielen? whoa!) bereits seit Anfang März jeden Tag mindestens ein Kraftwerk-Item, seltene Cover, Packagings, Poster und sonstigen Schnickschnack. Herzstück der Sammlung sind seine DJ-Sets aus Coverversionen, von denen gibt es insgesamt sechs Teile, zwei davon hatte er letztes Jahr gepostet und grade eben hat er den letzten fehlenden online gestellt. Das ist insgesamt ein ziemlicher Knaller, alleine den Kraftwerk-Taschenrechner inklusive Anleitung zum Spielen des Tracks auf einem Casio Rechner ist Wahnsinn.

    Ich hab’ mir mal die schicksten Kraftwerk-Memorabilia und natürlich die Cover-Mixe rübergeholt, man sollte aber unbedingt auf die Links klicken, da dort noch haufenweise anderer Kram zu finden ist. Kraftwerk Porn ahead. Hier die Cover-Collection #3:

    Soundcloud Direktwerk

    The third in a mix series featuring cover versions, sample-heavy tracks or songs that obviously owe a debt to the Dusseldorf quartet. Each mix is laced with spoken word, interviews or info about Kraftwerk too. This one was originally aired on 17/01/05 on Solid Steel.
    Skanfrom – Phon Sweet Phon
    Compulsion – Home Computer live
    Evil Twin – Trans Europe/ JT
    DJ Danielson – Partisans of the Lesser Known (Man in Suit)
    Mannequin Depressives – The Model
    The Cardigans – Das Model
    Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows – Modela
    Jack n Madness – I Like Percussion
    Z-Entropa – Antenna
    Orchestral Manouvers In The Dark – Neon Lights
    U2 – Neon Lights
    Makoto Inoue – Europe Endless/Neon Lights
    Koto – Trans Europe Express
    Empire State Human – Hall of Mirrors
    Terre Thaemlitz – Schaufensterpuppen
    Bowery Electric – Freedom Fighter
    X-Ecutioners – A Journey into Sound
    Mitja V.S. – Neon Lights
    Jay-Z – (Always Be My) Sunshine
    MC Lyte – Cha Cha Cha
    2 Live Crew – My Dick Almighty
    Frenchbloke & Son – No Expo
    Terre Thaemlitz – Mensche Machine
    Fink – Autobahn
    Tragic Comedy – Autobahn
    Gary Lucas – Autobahn
    Kimitaka Matumae – Atem/Harmonika
    Beitthron – Airwaves
    Teruo Nakano – Computer Love
    Alva Noto – Man Machine
    XCRanium – The Man Machine
    Terre Thaemlitz – Tour de France
    Terre Thaemlitz -Morgen Spazergang
    Skanfrom – Phon Sweet Phon
    Xingu Hill – Electric Café

    Bild oben: ??Highrail? LP front and back cover, German compilation on Fontana from 1979.? Den Rest gibt’s nach dem Klick.


    Hier die Promo-Taschenrechner zur Single:


    Autobahn oddities


    Kover Kollection Vol. 4

    Soundcloud sieht Direktgutaus

    The fourth in a mix series featuring cover versions, sample-heavy tracks or songs that obviously owe a debt to the Dusseldorf quartet. Each mix is laced with spoken word, interviews or info about Kraftwerk too. This one was originally aired on 04/08/06 on Solid Steel.

    DJ Flywheel – Solid Steel intro
    Bigg Ocean Mobb IV-1-5 – Gangster Driven
    Wagon Christ – unknown studio session
    Coldplay – Talk (instrumental demo)
    MC Duke – I’m Riffin’
    X-Men – It’s More Fun To Sample
    DMX Krew – Homecomputer
    Luke Vibert – Homewerk
    P.L – Transeuropa Express
    Rodney Bakerr – Numbers
    Torul – It’s More Fun To Compute
    Alenia – Home Computer
    LCD Soundsystem – Dicso Infiltrator
    MAW – Electronic Tranz
    Love Tractor – Neon Lights
    Bass Junkie – Robotechno
    Coldplay – Talk (Thin White Duke remix)
    Beck – Get Real Paid
    Poison Clan – Dance All Nite
    Audio Science Trans Europe Express
    Yoshinori Sunahara – The Telephone Call
    Biochip C – Steal It and Deal It (DMX Krew edit)
    Zoot Woman – The Model
    Partia – Das Model
    King Automatic – The Model
    Top of the Pops – Autobahn
    Gorefest – Autobahn
    The Balanescu Quartet – Autobahn
    Roni Size feat Rahzel – Out of Breath
    DJ Godfather – Ping Pong / Ping Beatz
    Ionic Vision – Tour De France
    Fresh Prince and Ready Rock C – Live at Union Sq outtake
    DJ Craze – DMC 2000 Final routine
    Morocco Moe – Task
    The Beat Konductor – Open (space)
    Trans Am – Man Machine (live)
    Coldcut – Everything’s Under Control (Theory 0.1)
    Rozmarinke – Radioactivity
    Videosex – Spacelab (Gus Gus remix)
    Albert Kuvezin and Yat-kha – Man Machine




    Trans Europa Express alternates
    Posters and adverts
    Computer World poster
    Mash Ups & Bootlegs
    The Man Machine covered
    The El Lissitzky influence


    Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.1

    Soundcloud Direktexpress

    The first of an hour long mix series featuring cover versions, sample-heavy tracks or songs that obviously owe a debt to the Dusseldorf quartet. Each mix is laced with spoken word, interviews or info about Kraftwerk too. This one was originally aired on 16/04/04 on Solid Steel.

    Michael Bailey – Solid Steel intro
    Fearless 4 – Rockin’ It
    Pelding – It’s More Fun to Compute
    Trouble Funk – Trouble Funk Express
    Makoto Inoue – Europe Endless / Neon lights
    The Divine Comedy – Radioactivity
    Senor Coconut – Trans Europe Express
    Senor Coconut – The Man Machine
    Souxsie & the Banshees – Hall Of Mirrors
    Senor Coconut – The Robots
    Balanescu Quartet -The Robots
    Tafkafb – Waltz Mit Der Robot
    Apoptygma Berzerk – Ohm Sweet Ohm
    Frenchbloke & Son – Neon Love (Cha Cha Cha)
    Jason Moran – Planet Rock
    Tremelo Beer Gut – Das Model
    Big Black – The Model
    Rammstein – Das Model
    Ride – The Model
    Frenchbloke & Son – Sexy Model
    Buffalo Daughter – Autobahn
    Dark Side of the Autobahn
    Rot Front Trikont – The Robots
    Senor Coconut – Showroom Dummies
    Girls On Top – I Want To Dance With Numbers
    Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock (Elecktric Music Classic Mix)
    Coptic Rain -The Robots
    Erasure – Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche mix)
    DMX Krew – Showroom Dummies
    Melt Banana – Showroom Dummies
    Aqua Vista – The Model
    Senor Coconut – Home Computer
    Senor Coconut – Tour De France
    Elakelaiset Poro – Reindeer/Robots


    Radio-Activity extras


    Kraftwerk Kovers Kollection Vol.2

    Soundcloud Direktsellafield

    The second in a mix series featuring cover versions, sample-heavy tracks or songs that obviously owe a debt to the Dusseldorf quartet. Each mix is laced with spoken word, interviews or info about Kraftwerk too. This one was originally aired on 16/08/04 on Solid Steel.

    Das Erste Wiener Gemueseorchester (First Viennese Vegetable Orchestra) – Radio Activity
    Casio VL80 calculator – Computer World
    April Nine – Radioactivity
    Papa Dee – The Model
    Laether Strip – Showroom Dummies
    P.O.D. – Die Roboter
    The One You Love – Trans Europe Express
    Uter – ohm sweet ohm
    Terre Thaemlitz – Ruckzuck
    The Manatees – The Model + Jerky Boys – The Gay Model
    Chris Whitely – The Model
    Hikashu -The Model
    The Treble Spankers – The Model
    Miladojka Youneed – Pocket Calculator (live)
    Satoru Wono feat. Meiwa Denki – Dentaku
    Black Wedding – Taschenrechner
    Lloyd Cole & the Commotions – Pocket Calculator (live)
    Senor Coconut – Radioactivity
    Diplo – Percao feat. Pantera Os Danadinhos
    Drop da Bomb – Computerworld
    Dhiva – Tashenrechner
    P.M. Dawn – If I Wuz U
    The Balanescu Quartet – Pocket Calculator
    Erasure – Blue Savannah (die Deutchse remix)
    Laiboforcen – Numbers
    Anthony Rother – Numbers/Computerwelt
    Dynamix II – Techno Bass
    Le Juan Love feat. DJ Man – Mega Mix (House Style)
    Anthony Rother – Trans Europe Express
    Kurtis Mantronik – Original Electron
    Snakefinger – The Model
    Galaxy Sound Orchestra – The Model
    David Byrne & The Balanescu Quartet – The Model (live)
    Frenchbloke & Son – Sexy Model (Strings)
    Electric Six – The Model
    Westbam – Monkey Say, Monkey Do
    Think Tank – Hack Attack
    The Balanescu Quartet – Computer Love


    Kraftwerk 8-Tracks!

  • One Tiny Hand

    Aaaaw, Internet. I love you when you’re subtly weird: One Tiny Hand. Noch ein paar kleine Hände nach dem Klick. (via MeFi)

  • BMXing on a Roof

    Youtube Direktroof, via Kottke

    Die ganzen wunderschön fotografierten und durchgestylten Skate- und Surfvideos mit ihren MGMT-Soundtracks darf das Internet gerne behalten, ich schwör dann eher auf Misfits und einen DIY-BMX-Parkour auf einem Dach in Florida.

  • Classic TR-808 Pattern-Poster

    Rob Rickets hat die TR-808-Drumpattern von ein paar Electro- und Houseklassikern analysiert und auf einer Posterserie festgehalten: ?A series of informative posters detailing how some of the most notable drum sequences were programmed using the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. Each sequence has been analyzed and represented as to allow users to re-programme each sequence, key for key.? (via Ronny)

  • Laser engraved Floppy Disc Coasters

    Im Etsy-Shop von Vectorcloud gibt’s lasergravierte Floppy Disc-Untersetzer aus Holz. Want! (via Technabob)

  • Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch

    Holmes: ?I’m restoring balance to the universe.? –> Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch (via Dangerous Minds)

  • Kickstarter-Campaign to buy Kickstarter

    Erinnert ein bisschen an Google will eat itself, nur ohne Kunst: ?Hi, my name is Eric Moneypenny. I would like to raise money to buy Kickstarter.? (via Boing Boing)

  • Soulwax? Under The Covers ? Volume 3 (2)

    Vimeo Direktwax

    Soulwax haben den dritten Teil ihrer Under The Covers-Mixserie für ihre App gestern nacht bei Vimeo hochgeladen, Talking Heads’ ?Once in a Lifetime? lauft ungefähr ab Minute 25. Hier nochmal die Tracklist:

    The machine
    Lotus ? Mumbai Science
    Synrise (Soulwax remix) ? Goose
    Bad Boy Tonight / We Don?t Belong in Pacha ? P. Diddy, Black Rob & Mark Curry
    Bust ?Em Up ? Crookers Present Dr Gonzo
    The Bay ? Metronomy
    Canon (Tiga Remix) ? Justice
    Callgirls ? Handbraekes
    Head (Soulwax Edit) ? Prince
    How Deep Is Your Love? (Emperor Machine remix) ? The Rapture
    Singapore Madness (Soulwax edit) ? Paul Chambers & Shinichi Osawa
    Polar ? Ego Troopers
    Vicious ? David Carretta
    Once in a Lifetime (Soulwax edit) ? Talking Heads
    Gangsters ? The Specials
    Tight (Etienne De Crecy remix) ? Zombie Nation
    Nous Sommes MMM ? MMM
    Let The Beat Control Your Body (feat. Louisahhh!) ? Brodinski
    A Milli ? Lil Wayne
    Girls&Boys ? Blur
    Eruption ? Van Halen
    Ace Of Spades ? Motörhead
    I Need ? Loops Of Fury
    Skinny Fit (Soulwax edit) ? Nid ? Sancy
    All Night ? Jack Beats
    Silent Night ? Klaus Nomi
    Lyposuct ? D.I.M & TAI
    Master Of Puppets ? Metallica
    Gabriel (Soulwax remix) ? Joe Goddard
    Kids (Soulwax remix) ? MGMT
    If I Ever Feel Better ? Phoenix
    Big Black Spider (Les Petits Pilous Remix) ? Dilemn
    I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor ? Arctic Monkeys
    Cocaine ? The Maxx
    Sprawl II (Soulwax remix) ? Arcade Fire

  • A vodka martini rimmed with bourbon smoked sugar and a skewer of olive, onion and pickled eyeball topped with a Tasmanian leatherwood honey-soaked mealworm

    Ich halte das zwar für zutiefst dekadent, aber das Menü des 108. Explorers Club Annual Dinner im Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan hat was. Eingelegte Kuhaugen zum Beispiel. Getränk des Abends war der Explorers Club Martini, ?a vodka martini rimmed with bourbon smoked sugar and a skewer of olive, onion and pickled eyeball topped with a Tasmanian leatherwood honey-soaked mealworm?. Hier ein paar meiner Favorites:

    - Maple Glazed Hog Mask (Schweinegesichter in Ahornsirup)
    - Pickled Eyeballs
    - Gator Chili
    - Crispy Chicken Feet with Garlic Chili Dipping Sauce
    - Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Infused with Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey and Citrus
    - Strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate with housefly larvae and pupae sprinkles (maggots)

    A Taste of Exotic Meats at the Explorers Club Annual Dinner (via Neatorama)

  • Musicvideos: Spiritualized, Miike Snow, The Horrors, Hot Chip, Thees Uhlmann

    BlipTV Direkttrans

    Oben erstmal Spiritualized zehnminütes Transgender-Crime-Drama zum Schrammelrockepos ?Hey Jane?, weitere Videos von Miike Snow, The Horrors, Panache, Russian Red, Seuil, Hot Chip, Suff Daddy, Who do you Voodoo, An Horse, The Scotty Pippens und Thees Uhlmann nach dem Klick.

    Miike Snow ? The Wave
    Youtube Direktsnow

    The Horrors – Changing The Rain
    Dailymotion Direktrain

    Panache ? Bouvier Bernois
    Vimeo Direktbernoir

    Russian Red – Everyday, Everynight
    Vimeo Direktred

    Seuil ? Don’t Trust
    Youtube Direkttrust

    Hot Chip ? Flutes
    Dailymotion Direktchip

    Suff Daddy – Twisted feat. Vertual Vertigo
    Youtube Direktvertigo

    Who Do You Voodoo ? Satan Takes A Holiday
    Vimeo Direktvoodoo

    An Horse ? Leave Me
    Youtube Direktleave

    The Scotty Pippens ? Fuck & Fall In Love
    Youtube Direktfuck

    Thees Uhlmann ? Das Mädchen von Kasse 2
    Youtube Direkt2

    (via Testspiel, Videos, Stereogum)

  • Baby Jesus Bong
  • Red and Blue Ballpoint Pen-Drawings

    Sehr tolle Illus von Wang2mu, der irgendwann 2010 damit anfing, ausschließlich mit roten und blauen Kulis zu malen. (via Drawn)

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